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Example Focused Inquiries for Recent Consultations

“How has the Affordable Care Act both directly and indirectly affected the need for our student health program; and what is the impact on funding options for our health and counseling services?”

“We are facing major changes in our student affairs division that will affect the operation of our student health program. What can HBC-SLBA provide to help us facilitate that understanding, manage transitions, and develop stakeholder buy-in?”

“We are told that there is a shortage of counselors in our community, but we think that what we really have is a shortage of counselors willing to participate with commercial health insurance plans. We heard that some schools have solved this problem by directly contracting with local behavioral health care providers. Is this a viable option for us and what are the keys to successful negotiations with the counselors?”

“What is the practical availability of health insurance for college students through parents’ insurance, Medicaid, and our state insurance exchanges with premium subsidies? Do we still need a student health insurance plan?”

“We are seeing an increasing number of students who have high deductible health insurance plans. We are also seeing more students with plans that do not have participating providers in our area. How do we address the concerns related to access to local services for these students? What are other emerging short- and long-term trends for employer-sponsored and other health insurance that might affect our students and our student health program?”

“We seem to have many conditions of excellence within our student health program, and we’re anxious to have confirmation from an independent consultation. Can HBC-SLBA address our program strengths and address any key issues within a comprehensive review, such as the possible need for a new health service facility versus renovation of an existing building?”

“We heard about a ‘Triple Choice’ program that HBC-SLBA has helped to implement, whereby three health care access options are provided to students/parents rather than a traditional health fee and student health insurance plan. Is this an option for us, and how would we implement such a program?”

“Our Human Resources Office would like to visit with us about expanding our student health center to provide care for employees. We tried this in the 1990s, and it didn’t seem to work well. What is different now, and what are the key factors for the program to be successful in benefiting both students and employees?”

“We are planning on replacing or renovating our out-of-date building. Our current facility constraints have impacted our processes, productivity, and service mix; and we don’t want to assume that what we do now is what we should do in a new space. Can HBC-SLBA help us define our program services and processes, and our functional needs for a new facility?”

“Our student health program director will be retiring in the near future. We think we have a great student health program, but we want to be sure we have a solid strategic plan for the future. Can HBC-SLBA help us in identifying both strengths and areas for improvement in formulating a strategic plan?”

“Our health and counseling budget hasn’t been keeping up with our increasing expenses. Our use of reserve funds to cover losses is not sustainable, and university leadership is questioning our budgetary requests. Is our budget request reasonable, and how do we demonstrate this? How can we increase revenues, decrease expenses, and/or change our service model to meet our budget without compromising the ability to fulfill our mission?”

“Many of our peer institutions are merging their health and counseling services and developing integrated care models. What are the advantages and disadvantages of program mergers?”

“Could the health fee be eliminated or lowered if we bill students’ private insurance for health care and counseling services? What are the advantages and disadvantages of billing students’ personal health insurance? Are there any state regulatory concerns that we need to understand and address?”

“It is time for us to rebid our student insurance plan. Can HBC-SLBA help us in managing the request for proposals process? We are also thinking about including an option for self-funding our student health plan. Can HBC-SLBA help us to evaluate self-funding as an option in our RFP?”

“External stakeholders have suggested that the productivity of our physicians and mid-level practitioners at our student health center is low.If this perspective is valid, what can be done to improve the situation without adversely affecting quality of care or student satisfaction?”

“Could we develop a partnership with local health care providers for operation of both the health and counseling service and the student health insurance program that would be advantageous to our students? Could some of our existing services be more effectively provided through such partnerships? Are there options for these kinds of partnerships where some or all of the staff remain university employees?”

“Our auditors have recommended a comprehensive IT consultation for our health center and counseling center that includes electronic health records, HIPAA compliance, and practice management systems. Can HBC-SLBA provide this service?”

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