HBC-SLBA Healthcare Management and Benefit Consultants Specializing in Higher Education

What makes HBC-SLBA unique as a consulting firm?

Focus: HBC-SLBA's lead consultants are full-time employees and do not perform consulting services as an ancillary activity. We work exclusively in the student health care delivery and financing/insurance field.

Independence: Many firms portend to be consultants when consulting is actually a marketing tool for the sale of some other product or service. HBC-SLBA only provides consulting services and we do not sell insurance products or operate college health services. HBC-SLBA works exclusively for colleges and universities and is compensated solely on a fee basis. Of equal importance, we have no affiliations with insurance carriers or association insurance plans that provide a financial incentives that could bias our recommendations.

Expertise: HBC-SLBA is recognized as the nation's premiere consulting firm. No other national or regional consulting firm has either the expanse of HBC-SLBA experience or the diversity of clients (e.g., geographic, public v. private, and large v. small institutions).

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