HBC-SLBA Healthcare Management and Benefit Consultants Specializing in Higher Education

Principles and Credentials

Hodgkins Beckley Consulting and Stephen L. Beckley and Associates adhere to the highest possible standards in providing health care and benefit consulting services for the higher education community. The following is our statement of principles and commitment to excellence:

Integrity – HBC-SLBA maintains honest and ethical relationships with our clients and all other parties with which our firm conducts business.

Independence – HBC-SLBA renders consulting services exclusively for colleges and universities. Compensation is only accepted from college or university clients in the form of consulting fee payments. We do not accept insurance commissions or payments from other parties that could provide services for insurance plans, student health services, counseling centers,or other student health program components. We maintain our independence as a private sector consulting firm, with no vested interest in promoting specific directions for the student health care delivery and financing/insurance field.

Expertise – HBC-SLBA’s consultants and professional staff are among the nation’s foremost authorities on college student health care delivery and financing/insurance systems. HBC-SLBA maintains joint-venture or retainer relationships with nationally recognized firms to provide legal research and actuarial/underwriting services.

Diversity – HBC-SLBA provides consulting services to a number of the nation’s most prestigious public and private institutions. We have major clients in all areas of the country, representing both large- and medium-sized student populations, rural and urban settings, and traditional versus commuter-based campuses.

Sensitivity – HBC-SLBA’s consultation projects often involve facilitating movement on difficult decisions while promoting and maintaining core-value program strengths. We take pride in our ability to work effectively in these challenging environments. We also understand and appreciate the unique characteristics and evolving values of the higher education community relative to the student affairs and college health fields.

Respect – Higher education plays a vital role in our society at many levels. Accordingly, we realize it is an honor to provide services for the higher education community.

Value – We work diligently to ensure HBC-SLBA’s services are an outstanding value. We promise to provide professional services at a cost-effective fee.

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